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Bible says that you reap – what you sow in the land.


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Bible says that you reap – what you sow in the land.

Gita says that God reacts – in the same way of your action.

Bible says that you reap – what you sow in the land.

For your sacrifice of words – through prayers, God will grant you

Good voice and language, - for your sacrifice of feelings, God

Grants you good mind, - for your deep discussions, God grants you

The intensive intelligence, - for your practical sacrifice, God acts

Practically in your case, - for your practical service without any

Aspiration for fruit, God gives you – the unimaginable eternal fruit.


Words, mind and intelligence are – freely given to you by God,

Like drinking water supplied to you – by the municipal authority.

Even a hotel does not charge you – if you drink water in it,

But you are charging God with – practical boons for your

Sacrifice of freely supplied words, mind – and intelligence by God!

You pray with words, you sing songs – and express feelings

In the name of devotion and you – discuss deeply about God.

If you do all these without any – aspiration of fruit in return,

It is good because this theory – leads you shortly into service.


But you are aspiring practical fruit – for sacrificing theory, very bad.

Aspiration of fruit in return – at any stage of spiritual effort spoils

Your entire value in the eyes of God, - if you treat God as your child

And sacrifice work and fruit of work – as in the case of your child

Without any aspiration of fruit in return, – you are a real devotee.

Then, God will give you eternal fruit, - you are in His inner most circle.

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