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Halloween Thought : Something really scary

Guest Amanda

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If the ghosts and goblins ringing your doorbell tonight don't scare you, let me describe something that will:


It's Tuesday, January 20, 2009. A cold and blustery day in Washington. On the west steps of the U.S. Capitol, a vast crowd of happy and expectant Americans look forward to four years of the country moving steadily in their direction. And the person raising a hand and smiling at Chief Justice John G. Roberts is...


...Mitt Romney. Or Fred Thompson. Or Rudy Giuliani.


If you don't think America can elect another Republican after eight years of Bush's catastrophic presidency, you're wrong. Not only can they, they will if we Democrats nominate a candidate who they can run through their political meat grinder and destroy.


You saw what they did to Al Gore. And to John Kerry. And for that matter, to Bill Clinton. These people will stop at nothing.


Bill Richardson is the one Democrat the GOP smear-meisters can't touch. If we can get him nominated, he will roll over whoever the Republicans can serve up.


George Bush has spent eight years turning our country hard to the right. Every one of the Republican candidates is salivating to pick up the baton and keep up the extremist attack.


Mitt Romney has pledged an all-out attack on Roe v. Wade. And with Bush's groundwork in the Supreme Court, he may well get it overturned. If you care about Roe v. Wade, Romney should scare you plenty.


As a Senator, Fred Thompson voted to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploitation. So Big Oil knows they would enjoy another "good ol' boy" in the White House with Thompson. If you don't like the idea of more hurricanes, more droughts, and coastal cities under water from global warming, Thompson should scare you, too.


Rudy Giuliani is already saber rattling at Iran. With him in the White House, we can be sure the "global war on terror" will continue to spread and bog us down for decades. If you're no fan of endless war, Giuliani should scare the pants off you.


The truth is, poll after poll shows that Bill Richardson is the most electable Democrat in the presidential race. If we don't want a continuation of George Bush's nightmare presidency, we must pull out all the stops to make sure he wins the nomination.


Do you remember how it felt to see George Bush take the oath of office and to hear him crow about his "mandate"?


I can think of nothing more frightening than starting that whole cycle again.

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