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Saluting the Heroes of PO Box 1142

Guest James P. Moran

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Guest James P. Moran

The untold story of Post Office Box 1142 is one that defines us as a people. It is a shining example that, by sticking to our American values and principles, we can and will triumph over our enemies.


From 1942 until the end of WWII, top secret military intelligence operations were carried out at Ft. Hunt Park in Fairfax County. Known only by the code name "PO Box 1142," it was conceived as a joint Army/Navy installation. Soldiers in the PO Box 1142 unit were tasked with interrogating Nazi soldiers and later, high ranking German scientists. The information they uncovered -- without the use of torture or indeterminate detention -- led to crucial intelligence gains and contributed greatly to our eventual success in the war.


I have introduced H. Res. 753, a resolution honoring the heroes of PO Box 1142. Until only very recently, no one, not even their families, had any idea of the service they provided our nation. These individuals are American heroes and deserve praise for their actions, conducting themselves in a dignified manner while still successfully routing the forces of fascism and hate. You can also view my floor speech upon introduction of this resolution.





James P. Moran

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