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Past sins are de-linked with the present good deeds


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Past sins are de-linked with the present good deeds

Valmiki wrote Yogavasishtham and – Vyasa wrote Brahma Sutras,

Both are scholars of Nivrutti (love to Lord), - their epics are not simple Pravrutti,

They are not simple novels – for entertainment of children as stories.

In Vedas and Shastras you get – confusion frequently in analysis,

These epics are clear spiritual knowledge – with real practical solutions.

God acted in different roles and – His liberated souls assisted drama,

The drama is a message for world – both in Pravrutti (following Justice) and Nivrutti.

Entertainment of God in different roles – is a secondary issue only.

You should worry about message only, - entertainment is unrelated.

A person may start a college – to escape tax on his huge wealth,

That point is unnecessary – for the student studying in the college.

If any injustice happens in tests, - he can blame management for that,

But if he does not study well – and failed in the examination, for that,

He cannot blame management for – starting college on tax problem.

Similarly, if justice is violated, - you can blame God for that point only,

You cannot blame Him for creating – world to get entertainment.


Some times justice appears to be – violated due to coincidence only,

You might have committed a crime, - yesterday and you have forgotten,

Today you are donating food – to beggars in a temple and police came

Today to arrest you in temple, - you link arrest with donation of food,

Both are accidentally linked but – both are not at all linked in any way.

Similarly, for past deeds forgotten, - you are punished here today and

Today you may be doing good deeds, - past sins are de-linked with

The present good deeds, time is taken – even in the state rule here.

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