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What ever God does is always correct


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What ever God does is always correct


Some criticize Rama for testing Sita – in fire and leaving her in the end.

What ever God does is always correct, - you may not understand it deeply.

When Sita was in Lanka, She thought – that Rama will go back and

He will marry several girls to enjoy, - Rama knows every word.

In the end Rama was angry, - no body could understand that.

Rama gave punishment to her, - by stating that she is free to marry

Any body like Bharata or Vibhishana, - Rama uttered even the names,

It is payment of capital with interest, - Sita entered fire and came out.


It is temporary prison for hurting God, - hurting devotee is more severe.

Sita blamed Lakshmana for bad thought – over her, Rama punished it,

Rama left her permanently and Sita – entered earth forever for this.

Entering earth forever is like – life long imprisonment for highest sin.

If you treat Shiva as top devotee, - you should respect Him more, since

Ramanuja told that hurting devotee – is greater sin than that of God.

Rama is a king to punish sinners - and save them from going to hell.

If He cannot punish His wife, - how can He punish outsiders as king?

Rama saved Sita from hell, - she directly goes to His abode now.

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