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Analysis of knowledge is your duty, - clear all your doubts from Me


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Analysis of knowledge is your duty, - clear all your doubts from Me


Krishna analyzed God and world - clearly in Gita and finally told

Arjuna to take final decision, - same knowledge is fruitful in some,

In some it becomes waste, - Arjuna listened but not Duryodhana.

Same rain becomes mud in pond, - but becomes pearl in pearl shell.

Rain and shell are equally important, - in fact shell is more important.

The samskara or attitude accumulated – for the past millions of births

Becomes the main responsible factor, - a wet stick will not catch fire,

Your matchbox becomes empty, - attitude is generated from deeds,

Attitude again generates deeds, - it is a cycle with fixed composition.


Good and bad are fixed in a ratio, – the ratio is fixed in all the births.

The soul rotates and rotates in the – same cycle continuously forever.

The soul comes down from upper worlds – with the remains of attitude.

The composition of this attitude – will generate deeds in the same ratio.

The fresh deeds yield fruits, - now you may say that your past deeds

Are responsible for your present fruits, - it is exactly correct statement.

Your past deeds in a specific ratio – generated attitude in same ratio,

Your present deeds are also in same ratio, - yes, your present fruits

Touch the past deeds as root cause, - in the chain of deep analysis.


The attitude should be strong to – generate a deed in action for fruit.

A weak attitude gives feeling only, - it has very little fruit, no fear.

As long as some body is not hurt – practically, you are not punished.

Even the weak attitude is not good, - it may become strong shortly.

Punishment for sin and pleasure – of heaven for good deeds is

Limited to Pravrutti only and not – in Nivrutti, a totally different field.

Nivrutti is limited to God and your self - God is never hurt by you.

In Nivrutti every attitude and deed – is sacred, God sees your love only.

The attitude can change its ratio – by hearing spiritual knowledge only.

No other method like fasting, chanting etc., - is useful to change attitude.

You can come out from routine cycle – by the sacred knowledge only,

So says Gita, in the new ratio sin may become – zero and full good.

Then you will do good deeds and – enter heaven again and again.



You can even change attitude to – reach the eternal abode of God.

Analysis of knowledge is your duty, - clear all your doubts from Me.

Attitude is the main factor to lead you – to hell or heaven or God.

Attitude is generated and changed also – by the power of knowledge.

Hence, Satguru, God in human form – is the most important guide,

His spiritual knowledge is real path, - He is your real goal also finally.

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