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God takes simultaneous forms as media


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God takes simultaneous forms as media



Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are – simultaneous energetic forms of God,

Rigid conservative devotees – take one only as the real ultimate God.

Wise devotees recognize all – the three as simultaneous forms of God.

God entered all three forms – simultaneously like current in three wires.

In the same way there can be – simultaneous human incarnations here.

Rama and Parashurama existed – simultaneously as human incarnations,

Same Vishnu existed in both – simultaneously, devotees of Vishnu agree,

But same devotees do not agree – this concept in Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma.

Same God can exist in three, - as same Vishnu existed in both human forms.

Sai Baba and Akkalkot Maharaj – were simultaneous incarnations of Datta.

Even Rama Krishna Paramahamsa – existed in that time as third form.

This is not impossible for omnipotent God, - you accept omnipotent God

On one side and do not accept – the possibility of simultaneous incarnations

On the other side, you accept concept, - but not its justified application.


You can object application of concept, - if it is not justified by any logic.

God wants to deal different devotees – in different places in the same time,

He takes simultaneous forms as media, - to fulfill His multidimensional work.

When there is necessity and when God is – omnipotent to meet the necessity,

Are you auditor to object His accounts? – You have no right even to object

The necessity of other souls, you being – a tiny soul among many other souls.

How can you object the omnipotent God? – You can object your subordinates.

You can’t object your equal souls – and certainly not the superior God.

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