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Any total surrender is lesser than the value of God


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Any total surrender is lesser than the value of God


Total sacrifice and total surrender – of any body in Nivrutti is never

Over payment, because any - total surrender is lesser than the value of God.

Hence, God is never over ambitious – in collecting extra price for Nivrutti.

Total sacrifice of entire wealth is done – to the children in Pravrutti,

Not impossible, Dharma Raja did it – even in playing chess with Duryodhana.

The same total sacrifice of wealth – was not done in charity of Aswamedha,

Which was done in the name of God, - only excess wealth was sacrificed


In Aswamedha, hence total sacrifice – is done by people in Pravrutti but

They feel it as impossible in Nivrutti, - Dharma Raja sacrificed even self

In the chess game by becoming slave, - but to surrender self and to become

Slave of God becomes impossible – in Nivrutti, hence total surrender is possible.

When Krishna asked to tell a lie, - he should have told it as a slave of God.

When Draupadi was put in bet, - he did not remember justice, but remembered

Justice when Lord asked to tell lie, - hence Pravrutti is greater than Nivrutti

For any soul, only blessed souls – like Gopikas proved real value of Nivrutti.


Pravrutti contains justice and injustice, - playing chess game is injustice.

He has no right to bet shares of brothers, - property came from father Pandu.

Even his share is for his son, no right, - entire game was injustice voted

Against justice even by Dharma Raja, - a person famous for justice, what to

Speak of common men? he was for – injustice in his total surrender, after war

He didn’t surrender kingdom to Krishna – like this, Nivrutti fails even before

Injustice of Pravrutti, one may vote to God – against justice of Pravrutti

But not against injustice of Pravrutti, - one may donate money from savings



Meant for children or even by fast, - but not the money spent in luxuries!


Control luxuries and eat for good health – so that you can serve God and

Save to give to your child, this is voting – for justice against injustice in

Pravrutti, if you fail even in this, - how can you vote for Nivrutti against

Pravrutti? If you can’t resist chess – to save wealth for your issue, how can

You sacrifice wealth to God resisting – your issue? You couldn’t realize value

Of even justice in Pravrutti, how can – you realize highest value of Nivrutti?

Hence, Krishna kept silent when – Dharma Raja suffered in the forest.

You become blind to sacrifice for – injustice, but not blind to sacrifice to God!


Even justice is not given value, - rejecting the injustice in Pravrutti by you,

How can you give value to God even – rejecting justice of Pravrutti here?

Gita says that fools fail in Pravrutti – as well as in Nivrutti due to ignorance.

Your blind attraction for chess game – could throw away justice of Pravrutti,

But attraction for God fails to do so, - your attraction is not real at all!


First kill your attraction for chess game – to save for your child, this is the

First step of voting justice against – injustice in Pravrutti, then only the

Second step to throw away attraction – to child for the sake of God.

Today God need not compete with – justice of Pravrutti, which was

Already thrown away by injustice, - hence, God competes with injustice.

Modern Arjuna will kill grandfather – for the sake of wealth, God need not

Order Arjuna to kill grandfather – for His mission, God asks wealth only.

Modern Gopika has already voted – for her darling against her husband,

God need not compete with her – husband but competes with her darling!

In old Bharata and old Bhagavata – God competed with justice of Pravrutti,

In modern Bharata and Bhagavata – God competes with injustice of Pravrutti!

In old Gita God said to leave justice – for His sake, but now God has to say

In Modern Gita to leave injustice – for His sake to prove Himself highest!


If innocent old Krishna asks modern Arjuna – to kill his grandfather for

God’s sake, modern Arjuna will act externally,- terrible pain to kill grandfather,

So that finally he will kill Bhishma,- as if he is killing Bhishma for Krishna only!

Now modern Arjuna gets grace of God, - and also wealth together, it is just

One shot two birds, but God is – too much modern as Lord Dattatreya,

He will not ask to kill Bhishma, - He will ask only for the kingdom,

He is innocent Bhole Shankara for – straight and innocent devotees only.

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