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God is neither good nor bad – He is only just unimaginable


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God is neither good nor bad – He is only just unimaginable

God is not touched by qualities exhibited


A cotton shirt is colored, but – it is colorless on bleaching, similarly

The soul or pure awareness – becomes qualities in vibrated state.

When the soul is stand still – without any vibration, it is untouched.

When it is vibrated, it is touched – by the vibrations, called as Jeeva.

Vibrated water is not changed – chemically but changed physically.

Change or no change is based – on the angle of apparent or real.

But in the case of God, there is – no physical or chemical change due to

Vibrations or qualities of soul – in which God is embedded in incarnation.


Soul and vibrations are imaginable, - God is totally unimaginable.

If you say that the soul is not – touched by the qualities exhibited,

It is a matter of view of its state, - but God is untouched always.

The cotton threads in the shirt – are colored but on bleaching become

Colorless, but the person in - the shirt is never colored by the shirt.

Even the colorless shirt cannot – decolorize the color of the person.

Similarly God is neither good nor bad – He is only just unimaginable.

Good and bad are the colors or - qualities of awareness or soul only.

The shirt on bleaching becomes – colorless and this is Nirguna Atman.

The person cannot be bleached, - God is not Nirguna also.

Saguna or coloring and Nirguna – or bleaching applies to shirt only

And not to the person in shirt, - God is beyond Saguna and Nirguna.

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