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The cost of Nivrutti is fixed as – the total sacrifice, total surrender


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The cost of Nivrutti is fixed as – the total sacrifice, total surrender


If you care a pin for God, - He will care one millionth of the pin tip for you.

A lady went to purchase gold chain, - she took twenty rupees along with her

To purchase the chain costing one lakh, - she was cheated by a seller,

Who sold a rolled gold chain for ten rupees, - the chain costs one rupee only.

She realized the loss of nine rupees, - now she goes to a shop of real gold.

She enquires the price of it, - God, the owner of shop of real gold says that

She can get the chain for whatever – money she has in her hand.


The cost of Nivrutti is fixed as – the total sacrifice, total surrender.

Then she underestimates the value – of real gold equating to rolled gold.

She bargains to get the chain – for one rupee, her ignorance is

Multi folded, all this is due to – lack of real knowledge of Gold and also

Due to lack of real knowledge of – rolled gold, values of both are

Unknown to her, similarly you – neither know the real value of

Worldly bonds, which have no – value at all, nor know real value of

God, who has infinite value, - you get tension in paying ten rupees

To the real golden chain, - since you think it as rolled gold only.


You lost nine rupees since – you thought the rolled gold as real gold.

When the shop is giving chain – for ten rupees only, you do not doubt

That how real gold comes for ten rupees, - you feel that the shop keeper

Is a fool in giving gold for ten rupees, - actually you were fooled by him!

The first step in confusion is – deep analysis of concept, Jnana Yoga.

Then only the decision and practice – should be followed further.


If the lady is wise, she should – purchase golden chain with ten rupees

And by knowing the real value of – golden chain, she is benefited

To infinite extent and she should – dance with bliss forgetting the loss

Of nine rupees in rolled gold, - applying it to theory of deeds,

She might have cheated him – similarly in the previous birth,

If not, he will be punished by – God in proper time, it is the

Botheration of God for His – justified administration, why she worries?

She is benefited by infinite Nivrutti, - the rolled gold loss is nothing.

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