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Nivrutti is more valuable than – Pravrutti


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Nivrutti is more valuable than – Pravrutti

The value of Nivrutti is infinite – none can pay its actual value.

Arjuna could not kill Bhishma – for the sake of wealth, it is Pravrutti,

He was justified in Pravrutti – to withdraw from the war, but when

Krishna showed the real angle, – the war was not simple Pravrutti,

It is Nivrutti to serve mission of Lord, - in destroying evil on earth.

Nivrutti is more valuable than – Pravrutti and Arjuna fought for

Nivrutti as a servant of the Lord, - justice of Pravrutti is defeated

Before the Lord, Dharma Raja – played chess and lost every thing.

He sacrificed all bonds of family – and wealth in Pravrutti, he even

Sacrificed justice by betting Draupadi – after self-defeat in emotion.

All this sacrifice should have been – done to Krishna as Nivrutti.

He did not sacrifice justice – when Krishna asked to tell a lie.

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