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God is not in need of any forced love – collected by cutting bonds with effort


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God is not in need of any forced love – collected by cutting bonds with effort


Nivrutti means detachment from – all the worldly bonds with inert things

And living beings and diverting – the love from all the bonds to God only.

But there is one condition, that is, - the detachment should not be by effort.

The detachment should be spontaneous – due to natural attraction to God.

God is not in need of any forced love – collected by cutting bonds with effort.

When the spontaneous love on God - is ready, there is second condition.

It is that your spontaneous love on God – should withstand tests from God.

God starts keeping neutral to you – or refuses by insulting it severely.


If your spontaneous love withstands – all His opposing forces, then only

God admits you in His family of – liberated souls forever, hence effort is only

To develop devotion to God by – attaining more and more knowledge of God.

Detachment from bonds should be – spontaneous due to your devotion.

The devotion diverts you from – worldly bonds simultaneously as it grows.

First of all, develop the value to God, - the value should be the highest.

Now you can approach God in human form – for proving your value to God.

First you must prepare well in the subject – and then only appear for the

On line examination, the test and result – take very little time only.


Sages developed value to God – through improving knowledge of God

For millions of births and – this was the real penance or attraction to God.

They constantly performed Jnana Yajna – by which devotion improved Proportionally and devotion increases – the value to God proportionally.

When their devotion was full – due to knowledge from millions of births,

Then their test was just a few – years of a single birth in Brundavanam.

At the end of that birth, they were – given highest fruit, Goloka by God.

Remember that they never knew – that they will get that fruit after death.

Their aspiration was only to be – with the Lord serving Him through dance.

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