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Topmost devotees only need – the highest true knowledge


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Topmost devotees only need – the highest true knowledge

A professor does not go to – the LKG class, teachers for LKG are

Plenty arranged and professor – is not blamed with partiality.

Even if God preaches true knowledge, - majority runs away.

True knowledge mixed with lies – suits to the majority.

Topmost devotees only need – the highest true knowledge.


Lower devotees fear even to – hear the true knowledge since

Admission of truth even by mind – disturbs their efforts for goal.

They like some false goal – projected as the highest true goal

So that they can easily reach – highest false goal and satisfy.

You want to become God, - serving God in human form and

To become God by His grace – for not aspiring any fruit is difficult.

Hanuman became God like that, - He is innocent to sacrifice so much,

Easiest way is available and – He did not know that easiest way,

Call awareness in you as God, - you have become God right now

Without any trace of effort, - this satisfies the ignorant atheists.

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