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One should have ‘I’ when sacrificing to God


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One should have ‘I’ when sacrificing to God

Unless you feel ‘my’ and sacrifice it, - it is not a real sacrifice at all

Ahamkara (EGO) has two senses, - in basic sense, it is simply the ‘I’

It is pride in its extended sense – of ignorance and this is bad.

The basic sense should never be – destroyed as in deep sleep.

If you say that you helped someone – by grace of God, it is basic sense.

If you boast yourself for helping him, - it is pride and it is only bad.

Ego in basic sense should not be – dissolved unless in the time of rest.

‘I’ and ‘my’ are essential in Divine play, - when you surrender yourself

To God totally, the “I” should remain, - it is not a state of deep sleep.

You are serving God retaining ‘I’, - even though I is totally surrendered.

Unless you feel ‘my’ and sacrifice it, - it is not a real sacrifice at all.


Unless you feel that the money – given by God is your money really,

Your sacrifice is not true, - if you know that it is the money of God,

You feel like returning His money, - there is no sacrifice in it.

When you sacrifice your money – to your child, you feel it as

Your money only, here sacrifice – becomes real and love is real.


For such real devotion ‘My’ should be – retained with ignorance.

The real test of your love to God – is based on this ignorance only.

God covers you with ignorance and – retains your ‘I’ and ‘My’ so that

You feel sacrifice of love really and – God also covers Himself with

Ignorance so that He also feels – that you sacrificed your money and

Not returning of His own money, - then only real feeling of love exists.

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