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God misbehave to test the truthness of devotion to Him


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God misbehave to test the truthness of devotion to Him


Sages requested God for liberation, - Liberation is by your effort only.

God cannot help undeserving, - otherwise partiality inflicts Him.

He arranged the necessary test, - sages were powerful saints.

They were born as Gopikas with – full of ignorance and God Himself

Came covered with full Maya, - He was always mischievous in actions.

In such atmosphere only real color – comes out from their natural state.

If sages remain as saints and if God is – revealed completely to them,

All the sages will pass the test, - no isolation or gradation of merits,

When Krishna gave signal through flute, - some awoke but did not rise,

Some came up to door only, - some stopped obstructed by relatives,

But a few only ran to Krishna – crossing all hurdles with firm faith.


Midnight was selected by Krishna – so that the ignorant families of

Gopikas will not be hurt by His test, - they also followed same path,

In inevitable situation only they – pushed away them and ran to Him.

Krishna was preaching knowledge – through the song of flute,

God told that He is Samaveda, - the song form of knowledge.

The same knowledge came out – as Gita, hence the song form.

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