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God stress & show the true path but not force you for the goal


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God stress & show the true path but not force you for the goal


After preaching Gita the Lord told – Arjuna ( devotee of God) to take decision as he likes,

God revealed the entire knowledge – but does not influence the decision.

The goal should be fixed by you – and to achieve the goal the path is

Shown by God which, is correct, - several project fraud ways for the goal.

God takes care in stressing true path – and is not forcing you for the goal.

In Pravrutti or Nivrutti same policy – is followed by God since He is the Lord

For both, if you are limited to temporary – happiness of yourself and your

Family members, your path is to - worship God for selfish purpose only.


God rearranges your fruits and - helps you since fruits must be enjoyed.

If your goal is temporary heaven, - serve society worshipping God also.

Both are Pravrutti only, first is – lower plane and second is higher plane.

In these two paths God is secondary only, - the third path is for God alone.


God is primary and the fruit is eternal – to become member of His family,

You will have the opportunity of – becoming human incarnation some time.

God is not interested in the fixation- of your goal since there is no need

For God, the post of God is not – like the post of the chief Minister requiring

Certain minimum number of legislators – or liberated souls to be maintained!


If such is the case, you can demand God – for relaxation in the rules of path,

He has to agree to maintain His post, - but that is not at all the case.

In fact, when you enter Nivrutti – to become His family member, He opposes

All your efforts in every step – so that your interest in God is natural.


In natural state only your real color – comes out, not in the excited state,

In excited state you are prepared – for tests and that is not real verification.

A test in unprepared state only– brings out the real assimilation of knowledge.

If you identify God in human form, - your response to test becomes artificial,

Since He know that He is omnipotent, - you will sacrifice to any extent since

All your loss can be compensated in no - time, if His identification is Completely masked, you will behave – as in Pravrutti, it is justified.

Therefore a balance between these – two is maintained by God through

A hint only which is neither complete – revelation nor complete hiding.

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