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Internet Companies Cannot Be Trusted to Protect Consumers' Freedom of Speech

Guest Caroline Fredrickson

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Guest Caroline Fredrickson

The recent revelations regarding actions taken by Verizon and AT&T demonstrate what advocates for network neutrality have been saying all along: Internet service providers cannot be trusted to protect consumers' access to information or their freedom of speech. These very same companies are spending millions of dollars to lobby Congress for the right to block our access to content on the Internet. We now see where that will lead us. Clearly, without the vigorous net neutrality protections that were in place before 2005, a few corporate conglomerates will control everything we can say or do on the Internet. Net neutrality is needed, and it is needed now

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Guest human_*

If I were to start fresh on the net, and not know what I do know of the net?


Then I would be be-dazzled by the internet.


Hey!!!! The Internet is not hard to understand; Just grab a folder full of pages, throw it up in the air, and that's the internet today.


The one thing that I do take issue with, with the way politics, and companies in general IS?


If you are trying to promote your view "whether it be companies, or in politics"? Is that you don't call a .gov web site a .org web site.


Also that the companies in order to promote their web site establish a .org to do the same.


It really does blur the line between a .com, .gov, .org, and yes!! I WILL NOT get into the other dots out there.



AMERICANS deserve better ISP transparency
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