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Guest Dissident Voice

In today's America, it takes a lot of courage for our leaders to stand up in the face of the Jewish influence and criticize Israel. The U.S. commitment to Israel is due primarily to the activities of the Israel Lobby."


The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is a "de facto agent of a foreign government" that places the interests of that government

AIPAC works with both Democratic and Republican political leaders to enact public policy that strengthens the vital U.S.-Israel relationship.


AIPAC also supported the funding of a number of Israeli military projects that have resulted in many new additions to the arsenal of the United States Armed Forces. The Arrow anti-missile system is now the most advanced working anti-ballistic missile system in the world.


AIPAC lobbies for financial aid from the United States to Israel, helping to procure about three billion in aid yearly with total aid since 1949 estimated at about $108 billion.


AIPAC has been under investigation by the FBI for allegedly receiving classified information from a Pentagon official and using this information on behalf of the government of Israel.


"Most citizens are unaware of the startling fact that for years our U.S. Middle East policy has not been crafted by seasoned experts who are committed to America's basic national interests." - former Congressman Paul Findley


"If every state had a "right" to exist, the West would have kept the Soviet Union alive." - Michael Scheuer


United States Senator "independent" Democrat, Joseph Lieberman, is a powerful ally of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

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