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Putting our money where our mouth is

Guest John Edwards 2008

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Guest John Edwards 2008

Yesterday, John put his money where his mouth is to end the money game in Washington, D.C. He announced that he would seek public financing for the primary—and challenged his opponents to do the same.


Will they accept his challenge? Only time will tell.


But there's one thing we know for sure: this is a campaign about bringing big, bold change to America—not a money race. You can't buy your way to the Democratic nomination. Candidates have to earn the votes of the American people by laying out their vision for America and their plans for how we can get there as a nation. And that is exactly what John is doing.


This election should not be about money—it should be about bringing the change we need to this country. We can't allow the lobbyists and special interests to turn this into a money race instead of a race focused on the bold ideas we need to transform America.


John has laid out the boldest plans for change on the issues that truly matter—providing quality health care to every American, ending the war in Iraq, halting global warming and making our economy work again for working Americans. He knows we will never achieve the change we need to see on these issues through compromise and triangulation.


He knows we need to take on the special interests that control Washington, D.C.—and fix the broken system that has been rigged against hard-working Americans for far too long.

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