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Winning the 2008 elections will be the toughest test our Party has faced since we won the White House and added to our numbers in both houses of Congress in 2004.


To accomplish our mission, Republicans must make clear how we will meet the challenges of defending America and extending our prosperity.


Republicans have a solid record when it comes to protecting the United States of America.


After the enemy attacked us, I vowed I would rally this nation and use our resources to protect you.  And that is exactly what we have done.  We have reformed our intelligence services to make sure we can find the enemy before they strike.  We have fought to deny them safe haven in Afghanistan and Iraq so they cannot plan and plot again.


The fight for freedom in Iraq is the fight for the security of the United States of America and we must prevail.  If we leave before the job is done, the enemy that attacked us would be emboldened.  I believe if our candidates take the message of doing what is necessary to protect the American people, we will win in 2008.


Republicans also have a solid record when it comes to growing this economy.


Republicans cut taxes for everybody who pays taxes.  We understand that if you have more money in your pocket to save, spend, or invest, the economy will grow.


If you look carefully at the budget the Democrats proposed, they want to return to the days of tax and spend.  They will raise your taxes and figure out new ways to spend your money.


If our candidates remind the American voter that tax cuts have worked, that the economy is strong as a result of the tax cuts, and instead of raising taxes, we ought to make the tax cuts permanent, we will retake the U.S. House and Senate and hold the White House in 2008.


You can win most elections based upon strong national defense and good economic policy.  But the RNC needs Sustaining Members to get this message out and support our Republican candidates.


Please support our cause today by making a special online contribution of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, or $25 to the RNC to help elect Republicans at all levels in 2008.


Luke, Republicans believe in doing what's right for America.  We believe that the best days lie ahead for our country.  And I believe that we're going to succeed in 2008 with your support.




George W. Bush

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