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Oct. 10 - 14 TODD GLASS

The DC Improv

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If you paired the greatest stand-up with the greatest Las Vegas act the outcome would be Todd Glass. A true entertainer and inventive showman, Todd makes his illustrious return to the DC Improv. (His jail sentence reduced for good behavior. Thank you state of Kentucky)


Starting his stand-up career at 16, Todd has gone on to national comedy tours and has become a favorite with David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and Dennis Miller, having made numerous appearances on all of their shows. Todd has also become a veritable fixture on Comedy Central where he has his own half-hour special, and has appeared on "Make Me Laugh", "Pulp Comics",and "The A-List". Todd has also had his own Showtime and VH-1 specials and costarred on "Married with Children", "Home Improvement" and HBO's "Mr. Show". The L.A. Times praised Todd's "freewheeling style and quick wit" and charmed Variety with his "crafty and sharp edged wit."


Todd's over the top demeanor and goofiness that practically mock traditional stand-up make this show fun, fun, fun.




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