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Atheists and Unimaginable God


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Atheists and Unimaginable God


For theist scholars the unimaginable events in the life indicate the unimaginable God. For devotees the miracles performed by the human incarnations indicate the unimaginable God. For ignorant theists, the devilish people who perform black magic indicate the unimaginable God. For scientists the unimaginable concepts in the deeper planes of nature indicate the unimaginable God. God created the nature, which is partly and superficially imaginable. In the absence of imaginable nature, the very contrast concept of unimaginable nature disappears. If there is no darkness, light will loose its sense. Atheists interpret all the above unimaginable items in other way.


The unimaginable events in the life are interpreted as incidents of probable coincidence. The miracles and black magic are interpreted as the usual magic based on the illusion of eyes. The unimaginable concepts in the deeper nature are said to have the future explanations because the unimaginable concepts of yesterday are explained today. Therefore, God established one unimaginable item, which is witnessed by every human being at any time. That is the unimaginable infinite boundary of the universe. Scientists accept that the universe is infinite forever. This indicates the unimaginable God, who is beyond the limits of the universe since He is the cause of the universe. This point is focused in the cosmic vision given by the Lord to Arjuna (Nantostimama…. Gita).

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