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Darwins, Einsteins theory and spirituality


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Darwins, Einsteins theory and spirituality

The formation of matter from energy is clearly proved by Einstein through the law of equivalence of mass and energy. Therefore, the theory of evolution proposed by Darwin associated with the Einstein’s theories will certainly prove the evolution of universe from the energy or space in sequential manner. But Veda mentions one more item indicated by the word Atman as the ultimate cause from which the primordial energy or space was generated (Atmana akashah… Veda). You cannot say that the word Atman means awareness here, because, awareness (purushah) is mentioned as the third generated product in the chain of evolution. A generated product in the chain cannot be the first ultimate cause.


The scientist may say that there is no necessity of the word Atman as the ultimate cause because the meaning of the word Atman can neither be energy, nor matter, and nor the awareness because these three items are already existing in the world. Moreover, energy, matter and awareness are visible items in the light of development of advanced electronic equipments. Even the awareness is visible which is in the form of waves propagating in the nerves found by the latest instruments. Even Gita says this that awareness or soul can be seen by scholars (pashyanti jnanachakshushah). Therefore, the meaning of the word Atman must be unimaginable item, which is not the object of senses, mind, intelligence and even sharp logical analysis (Na chakshushah, aprapya manasa, na medhaya, naisha tarkena… Veda). The best word that can be used to mean such unimaginable object is “wordless” (Ashabda mavyayam… Veda). A negative word like ParaBrahman can also be used which means that which is not Brahman.


But the word Atman is used which means the awareness that is pervading all over the human body (sarvam shariram atati iti atma). This word means awareness along with its property of pervasion. An independent existence of awareness pervading the space is not available and hence the awareness pervading in a human body alone should be taken. If you take simply the awareness pervading all over a human body as Atman mentioned here, such a possibility is negated because the awareness in the human body is not an unimaginable object which exists in the beginning of the chain since such awareness already appeared in the end of the chain as the normal awareness or life (purusha). Therefore, the word Atman here means a human being, which is completely different from any other human being, which appeared in the end of the chain of evolution. Such a special human being is the superman or human incarnation like Krishna in whom the existence of the special unimaginable item is inferred.


Veda says that the existence of such superman is the basis of the inference of the unimaginable item called as God. But mere Veda cannot stand as an authority because it can be disposed as poetic imagination of some selfish priests to exploit the society in the name of God. Therefore, mere scripture (Shabdapramanam) cannot be the authority. All the authorities (pramanams) are based on perception (pratyaksham) only.

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