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Cleaning Lady Wins $294 Million!!


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A cleaning lady at Massachusetts wins the $294 megamillion jackpot to become the second largest solo lotto winner in the United States. She can take $11 million a year before taxes or a lump sum of $168 million before taxes. Either way she is set for life now. She is 68 years old. Lucky lady~!!! :ph34r:

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Um yeah, but what does this item have to do with politics? I'll tell you...


Publicizing the one lucky lady who won this amount only aggravates and further entices others who forked over at least twice this amount in futile attempts to win. This legalized state sponsored gambling is rarely patronized by the well off - they understand that to win, this lady had to beat odds of more than one in one hundred million!


No, this type of gambling's participants are usually those who hover near the poverty line, and the state preys upon them to bring in revenue to pay the bills for everyone because they refuse to charge and collect enough tax revenue (property taxes, sales taxes, etc.) to pay the bills.


And the governments (state and federal) refuse to cut the unnecessary spending (pork) out of the budget, so they resort to such immoral methods to enhance revenue!


Now more and more states are resorting to slots! I own a house near one of the Delaware slot parlors. Their patrons are almost entirely made up of elderlies and minorities, and not many of them look as though they have much money to lose.


Slots, because of the speed of the gaming, is often called the crack cocaine of gambling. Here in DE, they refuse to call them slot machines, they bogusly call them 'video lotteries'! Slot machines are still against the law. Trust me, slot machines are exactly what they are.


Obviously, the vast majority of players do lose consistently, where do you think these winnings, the overhead costs of salaries and advertising and the state revenue comes from? Some lose great amounts to the point of destroying marriages, pissing away retirement savings, going even deeper into debt, and at times, feeling desperate enough to either commiting suicide or resort to crime to cover their losses!


Meanwhile, the state rakes in millions of dollars per day every day as a result of these losses.


And the lucky few who are big winners are always promoted so to entice others into thinking that they too might be just like them - big winners!


If anyone other than the state did this it would be called organized crime and racketeering, because that is exactly what it is, and I firmly believe that anyone involved in this immoral attrocity is destined to burn in hell.

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