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God is beyond world


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God is beyond world


The world with infinite limits can be taken as formless in the region of boundary only. Here, the nature of the world, which is the aggregate of finite items, is knowable in the core region. Hence you cannot say that the world is unknowable in the core region. In the case of God even the nature of God is unknowable in any region. The formless object meaning the infinite limits can be applied to the world, which is knowable, by its nature in the core region. But God is unknowable by His nature throughout and therefore you cannot say that God is formless like the world. Only the limits of the world are unknowable and not the central core of the world, which consists of imaginable items. God exists in the border of the infinite limits of the world as the source of the world. This means that God is beyond world. Science has clearly proved that the awareness is a special work form of energy and hence the soul cannot be beyond the space, since space is energy. Therefore, the soul has limits in any state.


The soul in the deep sleep exists as inert energy with finite limits confined to the human body and therefore, we cannot say that the soul has infinite limits like the world. However, if you treat the matter also as the inert energy according to law of equivalence of mass and energy, in such case the body can be also treated as a quantum of energy, which is in continuity with the external atmosphere of the cosmos. Now the soul, body and the cosmos become one homogenous phase in the sense of the basic form of inert primary energy (this is an assumption only and practically this single homogenous phase is not achieved), you can achieve the single infinite ocean of cosmic energy and now you can say that the soul has become Brahman. But, beware, that the word Brahman is used here to mean the infinite ocean of inert cosmic energy since the word Brahman can mean any item, which is greatest. This cosmos or cosmic energy is infinite but the whole core region is of imaginable nature containing imaginable items. Hence, it is imaginable cosmos with unimaginable limits and therefore cannot be the unimaginable God who is unimaginable throughout. Hence, you cannot say that the soul has become the greatest unimaginable God who is also meant as another meaning for the word Brahman. The confusion in the usage of the word Brahman must be clearly removed in this context.

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