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Sooner or later, DC's African American community will wake up and realize that Mayor Adrian Fenty is not their friend, his agenda is not theirs, and that Fenty is a puppet for the white people of DC, but more a puppet of those whose goal is to ultimately chase most of DC's African Americans out.


There are many reasons why whites want African Americans out other than a belief that DC would get a vote in Congress or Statehood if it was a predominantly white community, but what is most important is, for all minorities to see how much Fenty is a sell-out.


Fenty favors white people and this is reflected in the fact that he has appointed more whites to top positions in his administration than others, he has demanded that his top dogs like DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier do the same and she has with her recent change of leadership and other leaders are following suit to favor whites in hiring.


Yet, Fenty to cover up his favors to white DC has one of the best tools to deceive minorities with, and that is, his phony caring about our public schools. A close look at Fenty's school plan shows that the only people who will benefit from his plan are rich, white developers and anybody else who is willing to sell out our minorities. The fact is, Fenty does not give a ***brown trout*** about your kids just his own pocketbook because anybody who would steal the life savings of the elderly as Fenty did and made to give back that money will steal from everybody else. Stealing the future of your children to enrich his white friends is what Fenty is all about!


DC's African Americans need to open their eyes to this sell out named Adrian Fenty, and take action to take back DC from Fenty and his white supremist supporters.

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