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Beginning in December 2007, an all out effort to seek the recall of DC Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh will begin with volunteers who will go door to door throughout Ward 3 to elicit signatures from all registered voters.


Mary M. Cheh won the Ward 3 primary with less that 41% of the votes.


If the other 59% of Ward 3 Democrats along with Republicans and Independents would sign the recall petition, Mary Cheh would be the first city council member to be recalled.


We believe that Mary M. Cheh is a Racist and her racist mind-set is seen in her attempting to force our daughters to be inoculated with the questionable drug Gardasil, her efforts to injury minorities economically by closing the doors of Payday Loan businesses, her insensitivity to voter participation in the legislative process and more.


We are just three months away from beginning this recall process and anyone who wishes to volunteer by obtaining signatures in Ward 3 is welcome to contact us.


If you agree that DC Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh needs to go and you would like to help as a volunteer in a recall drive for signatures, then please contact by email Ramon R. José Rivera at ramon.rivera@verizon.net.


See Video on Cheh's racism > Cheh The Racist

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