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My son died in an accident why God is so cruel?


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My son died in an accident why God is so cruel?


Your question shows that you are not the real devotee of the Lord. Your son must have been a real devotee as expressed by your own words. He was born to you by his previous action (Prarabdha). In your association he will be certainly spoiled. Therefore the Lord wanted to change him as a son of another real devotee. He allowed some time to see whether you will change as a real devotee so that your son may continue with you. But you have not changed because you are scolding the Lord for cutting your bond with your son. Actually all the family bonds should be cut for the sake of the bond with the Lord. Just like you change your son from a school containing bad students to a school with good students, the Lord changed your son to the atmosphere of a real devotee. Thus the Lord protected your son. In His view, removing this external body is just like removing the shirt. In your view, such removal of shirt is cruelty. Therefore always be firm that the Lord is always the protector and He is kindest towards all His real devotees.

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