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Why some people who are really very good suffer?


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Why some people who are really very good suffer?


You think that a person is very good because of his nice gentle character. There are cheats who are very soft and nice. There are very good and sincere people with rough character. A soft person may be selfish and a rough person may be sacrificial. The Lord cares only for one bad quality, which is the selfishness. He neglects all the other good qualities. A selfish person with all good qualities is like a gold cup with salt water. We pay for the material in the cup and not for the cup. A cruel person with excellent sacrifice is like the earthern cup containing nectar. Lord Siva gave salvation to the hunter for his sacrifice but not to the selfish sacred priest. Thus we do not distinguish the real good and the real bad. The analysis of the Lord is completely practical and true and is completely different from our analysis. Regarding the problem of your child I advise you to stop worrying about your child. You worry about the work of the Lord and do not think about your problem. In such case your problem disappears in a fraction of a second spontaneously. As long as you do not put attention on your family and concentrate on the Lord’s work, the Lord will take the responsibility of your entire family and in such case the help to your family is unimaginable.


If you concentrate on your family leaving the Lord, your problem will grow more and more. If you concentrate on the Lord and your problem equally, your problem gets partially solved. Now you have to choose one of these alternatives.

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