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The voters of DC sold off their votes to developers when they voted in Mayor Adrian Fenty and some members of the DC City Council who are in the pockets of developers.


In sum, voters have lost their vote.


Many jurisdictions are contemplating barring developers from contributing to political campaigns and even barring business contributions all together!


DC need serious campaign finance reform to put a halt to all political contributions from businesses that own our elected leaders and replace it with taxpayer financed campaigns.


Taxpayer financed campaigns would end special interest groups from putting their man/woman in office and give back the vote to the people.


Adrian Fenty, Mary Cheh and Muriel Bowser received the most money from developers who are at the heart of chasing minorities out of DC through a grand gentrification scheme we are seeing take place by what we call the condozation process. We mean, developers know that most minorities cannot afford a condo, would not qualify for a loan to buy one and the more condos that can be built, the more minorities will be forced to leave DC.

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