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Redskin Brand Ketchup and Mustard


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Since the Redskins have an early bye week, I can try to understand what happenned last night.


It started great with a special coin toss with Sam Huff. The man is a true legend to sports fans. He is the Babe Ruth of NFL fans. His story has been in Life magazine, Time, and countless news stations. He still is in his prime.


Wow. The stadium was almost Burgandy and Gold. Ever since Super Skin arrived at Fedex I cannot stop thinking of whether this "Dauntless Defender of Quality" is really Dan Snyder in disguise.


I can only laugh and forget every thing else, but the Monday Night Philadelphia game.


My Burgandy and Gold is turning into "ketchup and mustard".


Joe Gibbs is now teaming up with Toyota.


The Don Coryell "West Coast Offense" has been transferred to this new eastern mind set of collective reasoning. We must be peaceful and hamonize with nature. "You must come to our spa at 21300 Redskin Park Drive 1600 FedEx Way."


No, I still remember the Redskins of my youth. Lord Cooke's Redskins. Starring Joe Gibbs and Bobby Beathard.


But its fading fast....


Snyder changed the hot dogs. The small dinks were good in large quantities. These new mystery dogs taste like rooster meat.


The Redskins could learn alot from the Nationals. Right now Fedex has more attendance than RFK. But, the Nats roster is looking pretty sweet.


The Ravens won last week. Cmon Joe and Dan Wake up!!!


Why are little kids seeing tee-shirts that state


"**to perform an anatomical sexual impossibility** THE REDSKINS!"


Everything is so disjointed.


The game started off with momentum. Fans were high fiving each other. There was even the old die hard saying "You know I am not saying it aloud, but I think we are going to be 13 and 3."


The Offense got off to a sluggish start, but you still saw signs of greatness. Then we missed our first field goal. No Redskin fan was worried. It was the defense turn at the ball. You could see the players were pumped and ready to beat em, swamp em, and score. Everyone was standing and cheering. I had not heard it this loud Gibbs second term, second season game against the Cowboys when we whipped their asses. What a great game. The guy next to me was saying he wanted to see turnovers from the defense and got his wish in a big way.


Hats off to the Redskin defense on their amazing first half.


Here is the reality. Our offense is medicore at best. Al Saunders play calling has been conservative and erratic. Where is Brandon Lloyd? Is he a bust? I know everyone thinks so. But, the organization does not want to let that cat out of the bag.


The second half was a let down. The last few minutes of the game were a complete heart breaker. I saw a philly fan smile. We got our medicine. It is going to take two weeks to swallow this bitter pill.

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