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Human Body- Soul- Feelings


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Human Body- Soul- Feelings

The human body means the outer most gross body made of five elements, which is common to all the human beings including the human incarnation. The internal soul is made of pure awareness, which is also same because it is a special work form of energy. Only the qualities which are the various forms (feelings) of the soul differ in the human beings.


This bundle of strong qualities is called as the subtle body, which is in between the soul, and gross body. Even this subtle body is made of the three fundamental qualities and the feelings differ only in the various proportions of these three qualities. The human being is a composite of gross, subtle and causal (Soul) bodies. In the human incarnation, God exist as the extra fourth item, who is beyond the above three bodies.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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