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My Life: The Bill Clinton Autobiography

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Just over a thousand pages, and $35 + tax, is Bill Clinton's Autobiography My Life really worth it?


As a graduation present last spring my father gave me Hilary's Autobiography, Living History. It was a gift to inspire me to strive for big things in life, as i transitioned from high school to college. I started reading, and it was so boring. She totally disregards what happened with her husband, and was in denial about huge part of her life as the First Lady.


So, I am weary about starting this new book, and the hassles of lugging the brick of a thing around town. Any opinions or reviews would be highly appreciated.


Thanks, Sarah the Intern

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Guest Karen S.

If you are looking better understand Clinton's political legacy, then I would take the time to read it. The book is a little slow at first, but got me hooked a quarter way into it.

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I have just begun the daunting task of reading this book, and so far I have to say that it's worth the read.


But I got it from the library, I didn't buy it!

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Guest Human

I already thought that we ALL got enough of clintons life on the news.


Sarah, I suggest that you just concentrate on college. You will have more than enough time for politics later.


I have been around this town for awhile (trust me) . They value more Education then they do politics.

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Guest Guest

Hey Kid,

Do you seek a future in government? If so, read the book. It elucidates Clinton's life much more effectively than the media could have ever hoped to. It's politics, pain and policy rolled into one (should have been two volumes) extraordinary book.

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