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Guest John Edwards

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Guest John Edwards

This campaign is about America's future. It's a celebration of American values. Together, John Kerry and I will work to build an America that's stronger at home and respected around the world.


I am so excited to join this campaign. It was only fitting that after phoning me, John emailed you and his other supporters first with the news. His success would never have been possible without your support over the past four months. I've been amazed at what you've done on the ground, where it counts -- at the grassroots level. It's because of your energy and enthusiasm that America will work for all of us.


John Kerry has a plan to put our country back on track. He will create and keep good paying jobs here in America, so our families can get ahead. He will take on the waste and greed in our health care system, so we can have affordable health care for all. Finally, John will strengthen our military and rebuild alliances, so our troops are never overextended again.


This campaign is about the shared values and vision that built America. The values I grew up with in that small town in North Carolina. We both believe deeply in faith and family. We both believe in the importance of service. We both believe that responsibility is at the center of building strong communities. And we both believe in building one America.


From Vietnam to the United States Senate, John Kerry has led a life of service. He has been a leader who will always put our families first, and will always tell the truth to the American people.


Between now and November, the American people are going to reject the tired old negative politics of the past, and they're going to embrace the politics of hope, because this is America, where everything is possible. We believe the best of America is in front of us, and that everything is possible if we just put our minds to it. When John Kerry is president, tomorrow will once again be better than today.


Thank you,


John Edwards

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What a genuinely decent man. What an excellent team!


How can a contest between these two and that evil bush/cheney ticket even be close?


God bless Kerry/Edwards, a team destined to put our country and to lead the world on a path to righteousness!

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Guest Human

To the intern who wrote the original article,let's take a look on how foreign policy actually works.


When the United States wishes to influence policy over seas, it is by pledging themselves to future purchases , and or assistance to the very countries that it is seeking votes from. Then both parties will argue why we should be, or should not be buying or assisting the countries, but what the political parties fail to mention in the first place is why these contracts were ever issued.


It's a common practice, no matter which administration is in power as a foreign policy tool.




I could go on, but out of respect for some of my friends who are Democrats, I will just leave it at that for the Moment.

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