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Human form of God and His testing


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Human form of God and His testing

The human form of the Lord, which comes to test you, is itself called Datta. People are fond of statues because there is minimum guarantee of the business with the statue. You give one chocolate to the Lord aspiring for ten chocolates. The ten chocolates may be given or may not be given. But at least the one chocolate, which you have given must not be lost. This is the minimum guarantee business, which only you prefer in the world. Therefore when you offer one chocolate to the statue it will not eat. The ten chocolates may come or may not come. At least your one chocolate is saved but if you give one chocolate to the human form of the Lord, He will eat it and thus the minimum guarantee is lost.


The factors involved for your success in the test of Datta are 1) Can you give more value to the Lord than any thing and any body in this world? 2) Can you believe the human form of the Lord, which has approached you completely without any trace of doubt?


Majority of the people fail in the first point itself because they are using the Lord to achieve and happiness to their families. Such instrumental God cannot have more value than the money or the family. A very few top most devotees succeed in the first point. But they fail in the second point to recognize the human form of the Lord and to believe the human form of the Lord completely. Therefore they fail in the second point. Only one in millions and that too in one birth out of millions of births can succeed in both the points. Gita says the same (Kaschitmaam Bahunaam Janmanaam). The factors that will help you to pass the test are to catch the Satguru who can alone explain the true path from Vedas and the mental determination, which is attained by you either in this birth or in the previous births.

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