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Essence of past history


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Essence of past history


(Swami watched a film on the T.V. titled “Yashoda Krishna”. Devotees requested Swami for a message on the film). Swami spoke: You must take the message from the past history, which shall be useful to your present. Otherwise, history is only a time pass entertainment and is useless. By seeing the past human incarnation Krishna and His past devotees, you, the present people must become devotees of the present human incarnation in a similar way as far as possible. Then only the picture serves the practical purpose of its aim. You have seen God in human form and the love of His devotees in various bonds selected as per their taste. The extent of love in a bond is important and not the form of bond. The weight of the sweet fixes the rate and not the form of the sweet. You must not forget that the basic essence of this picture is the love of devotees expressed to God in human form existing before their eyes through the proof of sacrifice.


If you forget this basic essence and see the picture externally as the expression of love through various bonds, this picture is as good as a social picture, which also shows the same emotional love in various bonds like mother, father, beloved, husband, brother etc., as we see in the case of Yashoda, Nanda, Radha, Rukmini, BalaRama etc., respectively. People often forget this basic formula of a divine cinema and take the emotional love of worldly bonds only. Then the final result is strengthening the worldly bonds only further and further, which is quite opposite to the aim of strengthening the bond with God.

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