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God loves His innermost devotees equal to Himself


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God loves His innermost devotees equal to Himself


The high devotees of God serve His office (society or world) as employees and take salary. God is pleased with them also. Pandavas served God in establishing justice in the world for which they were paid salary (Kingdom) in this world and heaven after their death. Pandavas went up to heaven only (Swargarohanaparva). The higher devotees of God serve His family members or His closest devotees of His inner most circle. Hanuman served Sita (a female devotee and wife of Lord Rama) by protecting her through the war, served Lakshmana by bringing Sanjevi and served Bharata by saving his life. Even today Hanuman serves the real devotees of God. Hanuman became God and protecting the devotees of God can continue as usual. The highest devotees of God serve Him directly like Gopikas. They were given Goloka where they can continue the direct service to God. There is no much difference between the higher and highest devotees. God is extremely pleased in both the cases because God loves His innermost devotees equal to Himself.



He does not differentiate between the service done to Him and the service done to His closest devotees. Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, Meera etc., carried on the propagation of knowledge and devotion related to God only and hence they are also highest devotees. Since the propagation is aimed at the majority of human beings, they did not take the concept of contemporary human incarnation, because majority suffers with ego and jealousy. In the case of the majority, either God in the medium of awareness (named as awareness by Shankara) or God in the medium of energetic body like Narayana or God in the medium of past human form like Krishna was selected for propagation. Due to this, devotees will reach Brahma Loka temporarily but shortly such devotees will reach Brahma Loka permanently by overcoming ego and jealousy towards contemporary human incarnation.

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