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God wants every soul to come-up to His level, learn humbleness and be submissive always.


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God wants every soul to come-up to His level, learn humbleness and be submissive always.


If you want to come-up in the life to higher and higher levels, you need not pray God for that, because God is always anxious to bring you up to the highest level. God wants every soul to come-up to His level or even more than Him. This is the attitude of a father towards all His children. God created all the souls and hence He is the divine Father of all the souls (Ahambija pradah pita…Gita). He is the constant Father in all the births of the soul unlike a father-soul, limited to the present birth. His affection to the souls is far superior to the paternal affection. Therefore, He is ready and always dreams to bring any soul up to the highest level.


Then what is the hurdle? The only hurdle that stops Him is the consequence of your behavior in the highest level. Your eyes climb the roof of your head and your increased ego will throw you down to a level far below your feet. Instead of such drastic fall, your present position on the earth is far better and hence God is not helping you to come up. Therefore, learn humbleness and be submissive always.


If God gets confidence that you will not fall down after reaching higher levels, God will immediately push you up. As you suppress your ego more and more to lower level, God will bring you up more and more to the higher levels. Most of you are using the fan all the time in your house and office. Observe the fan constantly and take the message from it, which is your best spiritual preacher. The fan is drawing a zero in the space in every revolution. It is reminding that itself is a zero only and the real hero is the current that is revolving it and giving air. People think that the fan is giving the air and the fan should develop ego due to the praise. But it is very careful in passing on the credit to the current and feel itself as Zero constantly. If the current is absent, the fan cannot move even an inch.


Similarly, whenever any one praises you for any good work, feel yourself as Zero like the fan and pass on the credit to God who is the real hero. If you can develop this behavior, you will reach to the unimaginable heights very shortly. Instead, people want to hear the praise regarding them from others. Some people boast constantly about themselves by narrating the incidents and want others to appreciate them.

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