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This world is just an imagination only for God.


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This world is just an imagination only for God.



This creation consists of matter, awareness and energy as the components. Matter takes different forms like pot, table etc. Energy takes different work forms like light, heat etc. Awareness is also a special work form of energy only, which is generated when the energy functions in a special system called nervous system and brain. The work forms of awareness are ideas, which if become firm, are called as qualities (Gunas). For example charity is a quality, which in the initial stage is an idea only. This world is said to be constituted by the three fundamental qualities (Sattvam, Rajas and Tamas), but remember, this world is made of the three qualities only from the point of God. This means, for God only, this entire creation is imaginary. For a soul it is not so. For a soul this world is made of matter, energy and awareness. In fact, matter and awareness are also different forms of energy only. Hence, basically the creation is made of energy only. Awareness is the weakest form of energy. Hence, the conclusion is that this world made of energy is weakest for God and hence this world is just an imagination only for God.


For the soul, the world is very strong because the soul itself is awareness or the weakest form of energy. This is the scientific explanation for the creation to be strong and real for the soul, where as the world is just the weakest form of energy or awareness modified in to qualities for God.

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