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God does not require the rules of nature as required by the soul


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God does not require the rules of nature as required by the soul

The imaginary world for God is made of awareness, which does not require the existence of nervous system for God because the unimaginable God does not require the rules of nature as required by the soul. This is said in Veda that God can walk without feet etc., (Apani Pado..). The knowledge-part is Sattvam, the static inert part is Tamas and the kinetic inert part is Rajas and all these three qualities exist in the imaginary world of God. God is said to be associated with this creation constituted by these three qualities (Trigunatmaka).


Your spiritual effort needs the existence of these three qualities also and hence your effort (Sadhana) is also constituted by these three qualities. Before conclusion, you must analyze the subject in various angles so that after decision you must not have any doubt. This analysis is Sattvam. The firmness in the decision standing like a rock without any vibration by the efforts of your mind, your family and the public is Tamas. The conversion of this firm decision into practice leads to Rajas because practice or work is Rajas. You must meditate God associated with the creation constituted by the three qualities (Eshwara or Saguna Brahman) through spiritual effort constituted by the three qualities. For meditation, Eshwara (God associated with Brahmanda or world) is sufficient, but for direct service and for direct clarification of doubts, the same God in human form (Pindanda) is required. This is denoted by the three threads of Yajnopavitam given to you in Upanayanam, which means that you are taken towards God.


The threads are symbolic representation of the concept only and hence one need not worry whether the three threads exist or not. It is foolishness to think that the three threads will do something directly. If the concept is grasped, there is no need of the symbolic representative model. The realized soul (Sanyasin) throws away this symbol since the concept is understood. Without understanding this point, people are quarrelling with each other that the Upanayanam is done for a fraction of people only. In fact, it should be done for a fraction of people only, who is interested in the spiritual effort and this should not be decided by birth or sex.


Swami Dayananda tried to bring out this truth and save the Hindus from internal hatred. Unfortunately He was opposed and was killed by the ignorant selfish Hindus, who blindly believe in birth and sex only for eligibility to reach God. Even Shankara stated that there is no caste or sex for spiritual effort (refer His commentary on the first Brahma Sutra) and He even fell on the feet of the untouchable scholar. He was also killed by black magic for such revolutionary reformation. Krishna stated clearly that the caste system introduced by Him was based on the qualities and actions of the soul and not on birth (Guna Karma Vibhagashah….Gita).

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