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Every living being is not God


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Every living being is not God

Let us analyze foolish argument that awareness is God and therefore every living being is God. In such case, the practical experience is that awareness exists as discontinuous bits in different living beings, which are separated from each other. Now if awareness is God, either there are several Gods or God is divided in to bits. Both these possibilities are denied by Shankara, who says that God has neither Sajatiya bheda (many Gods) nor Svagata bheda (God in bits). You cannot say the space between living beings is also awareness and hence the awareness is one pervading homogeneously. This is against the practical experience of all including scholars. The space between the living beings is inert and the air in it is also inert. If you say that you are the only scholar experiencing awareness everywhere, there is equal possibility of your madness also. When there is the alternative excellent solution, why should you cling to your madness? The alternative excellent solution is that a particular human being like Krishna alone is God.


The awareness in Him is one and is homogeneous and hence there is no Sajatiya bheda and Svagata bheda, because awareness is pervading all over the human body and is called as Atman. This charged soul is can be treated as God because a wire charged by current can be treated as current itself. The word Atman is used to the gross body also in Sanskrit language and hence the entire human being is charged by God and can be treated as God. The little and tender finger of Krishna lifted the mountain for seven days and this proves that the entire human body also was charged by the unimaginable God. The human body became unimaginable and hence the mountain is lifted by the little finger. The wire charged by current gets the property of current and gives shock.

Similarly, the unimaginable nature of God is seen in that human body also. Such miracle is need for atheists. For theists, miracles are not necessary and spiritual guidance is sufficient.

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