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There is no existence of a second item other than God


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There is no existence of a second item other than God


Shankara told that God has no Vijatiya bheda also, which means that there is no existence of a second item other than God. If you take this in the absolute sense, then there is no entertainment for God, since He remains alone always (Ekaki Naramate…Veda). You should take this in relative sense. The world exists as relatively real item. The imagination of any person is relatively real. The awareness in the form of mind is the absolute reality in him. The imaginary world is relatively real which does not exist at all if absolute reality is absent. This means that this world is under the full control of God like the imaginary world existing under the control of the mind of a person. Now, this is also possible in the case of Krishna ( or any human incarnation), who can control this world, as He likes. But, this aspect is not at all seen in the case of any other human being. Therefore, the world is almost unreal or unreal for God only and hence there is no Vijatiya bheda for God or Krishna charged by God. For any other human being, the world is more real and stronger and hence you cannot say that Vijatiya bheda is absent in the case of individual soul being treated as God.

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