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Brahma Vidya (Knowledge about God) is the most difficult


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Brahma Vidya (Knowledge about God) is the most difficult


The Brahma Vidya is most difficult because you have to recognize co-human form as God and this is possible only if you conquer your ego and jealousy. As training, you start with removing your ego and jealousy towards other co-human beings. Do not be jealous with any human being and do not show ego towards any human being. By this training, you will conquer ego and jealousy towards co-human forms and shortly you will recognize God in human form. In the training period you can treat every human being as God to avoid ego and jealousy. But, this is not truth and hence you need not worship a bad person without discrimination. You can worship all the good people and especially all the devotees. God treats His devotee more than Himself. God will bless you shortly by giving His identification if you complete the training successfully.


The Advaita philosopher is treating every human being (living being) as God not to love all as God, but to treat himself as God only. The intention is not to train himself to remove the ego and jealousy but to increase the ego by becoming God! If you think that the Prime Minister in Delhi means that the Prime Minister is in every house in Delhi, it is foolishness. You have to recognize his particular residence. If you think that he is in some house, though he is not actually in that house, at least you are better, because at least your concept is improved because at least you know that he lives in one house and not in every house! Therefore, it is better to worship some deserving person like a poor devotee as God instead of treating every body as God. Treating a statue or a photo as God is like treating a vacant inert house as the living Prime Minister himself!



To day is Guru Purnima. If you recognize Guru as a particular human form of God, the Guru Purnima is meaningful and it becomes complete by this full moon. If your recognition is correct, the full moon is spotless. But the full moon shows black spots, which are your defects of ego and jealousy towards co-human form and this is main black spot, though your spiritual effort is full by devotion. The lack of perfect logical analysis is the black spot in this full moon like full devotion of your spiritual effort.

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