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How to know that I am in the right spiritual path?


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How to know that I am in the right spiritual path?


Ans. Your inner conscience aided by logical analysis of scriptures given by the Sadguru gives you the correct green signal of the right spiritual path. The Sadguru is the helper only but the inner conscience alone is the final judge to give the conclusion through its full satisfaction. Mere conscience cannot be the judge without the help of Sadguru because the conscience of Ravana (a demon) always gave its judgment that whatever Ravana did was correct. Krishna told Arjuna (a devotee) to act according to his conscience after analyzing His preaching (Vimrushyaitadasheshena… Gita). Both are equally important. Unless your conscience is satisfied, you should not yield to anyone including the Sadguru. At the same time, you should not be over confident about the capability of yourself alone.

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