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Is it not better to earn more and sacrifice more for God’s work?


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Is it not better to earn more and sacrifice more for God’s work?

Ans. One should not be lazy and one should put his maximum effort in doing any work. But if one earns a little only in spite of his best effort, one need not be discouraged because God looks at the percentage of sacrifice and not the magnitude of the sacrifice. Suppose one is in India and earned 100 Rs and donates 20 Rs to God. Another person is in USA and earned 100 $ and donated 10 $ which are equal to 400 Rs. Which is greater sacrifice? 20 Rs are greater than 400 Rs because the former is 20 % and the latter is 10 % only. Dharmaraja sacrificed 3 crores of rupees (just an assumption) to priests in Ashwamedha sacrifice and as a result went up to the heaven which is the 3rd upper world. Saktuprastha sacrificed flour of 3 rupees to the hungry guest during a draught and he sacrificed entirely, everything possessed by him. He went to Brahma Loka, which is the 7th upper world. A railway ticket given based on the distance proportional to the magnitude of the payment is quite opposite to this concept of God.

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