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Why I become angry in propagation of knowledge when some one opposes it?


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Why I become angry in propagation of knowledge when some one opposes it?


Ans) You need not become angry with the opponents who argue with you because the opponent approaches you by the will of God to open a new dimension through arguments. You must always thank the opponent in the name of God. Even if a person refused your knowledge and goes away due to injected rigid conservative tradition of blind elders, you should pity him since he is abandoned as a condemned soul forever. The doctor should pity on the patient whose disease could not be cured by his long intensive treatment.


But, remember one point, if your knowledge contains absolute truth, it has entered his soul and will grind the ignorance of the soul like a rat drilling even a mountain. The drilling may be slow but the mountain is going to be powdered one day or other. That is the power of the truth. When all the ignorance of the soul is powdered, he cannot bare the rat anymore and will transfer the rat in to other souls. Hence, the truth has the tremendous power of propagation by virtue of itself. You are only taking the opportunity to serve the mission of God and get His grace on you by doing the propagation of this divine knowledge. Even without all of you, this divine knowledge of God will spread by itself. Monkeys ( who helped Lord Rama) were given opportunity to participate in the service of Lord for their divine benefit only. Even without the monkeys, the work of Rama could have been completed.

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