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God cruel to create this world for entertainment?


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God cruel to create this world for entertainment?

People often blame God stating that they are troubled since God created this world for His entertainment. They say that God is a sadist because He is entertained by their suffering. This is shear non-sense. God created this entire world consisting of the souls. Souls constitute Para Prakruti, which is a part of the creation. He gave complete freedom to the souls and gave the intelligence (Buddhi), which is the powerful faculty of discriminating good and bad. God propagated His constitution, which contains clearly the subjects of good and bad. The prophets propagated this constitution on this earth. Now if God is deriving entertainment on observing the creation, how can you call Him as sadist? He is not responsible for your desires and selection of good and bad for which you have the full freedom.


He is not responsible even for a trace of your desire and even for a trace of your subsequent action. The constitution gives only information and does not encourage you in anyway. A hotel is exhibiting a board listing the various items available for the food. The board is only for your information. According to your taste, capacity of digestion and problems of health, you have to select the suitable item of food. You cannot blame the hotel saying that the hotel is responsible for your indigestion, since it exhibited a particular item by which you are attracted! A person is standing in the balcony of his residence and is observing the traffic to get entertainment. Suppose an accident took place on the road, you cannot blame the observer to be responsible for the accident. You are well aware of the traffic rules and your over look of the rules is responsible for the accident.


The observation and entertainment of any spectator is not at all connected with the accident. The divine constitution consists of two parts. The first part is the Pravrutti, which is the social behavior to live in this world with peace and harmony. This Pravrutti is based on heaven, earth and hell, which are plus, zero and minus signs respectively. If you do social service helping the poor people, you will get heaven, which is a temporary pleasure proportional to the extent of your sacrifice in the social service. For this, you will receive the result on the earth also either partially or totally. If the result is not seen on the earth, you will receive the total result in the heaven after death. However, the result is not permanent (Kshenepunye…Gita) because your social service is not blended with divine mission.


If you do the service to your self and your family only, you will be living on this earth with happiness and peace provided you are not harming others with corruption and torture. For this also, the result is temporary because the result is confined to this temporary human life only. Anyway, in both the cases the result is temporary only. If you are confined to your self and your family only, there is no result after death and you will not enter the heaven for serving your family and your self. You will enter the heaven partially or totally for serving the weaker sections in the society but the stay in heaven is temporary. In doing social service, you may confine to your village, District, State, Country, Religion and Earth but you should not harm any living being in this service.


You must avoid corruption and torture of any living being on this earth in doing the service. If you are indulged in corruption and torture of any living being, the court here will punish you. If you escape the punishment here, God will punish you here partially and in the hell after the death partially or totally. The punishment of God is based on the transformation of the soul and not the revenge as observed in the terrorism. Terrorism wants revenge without aiming at the transformation of the soul. It does not understand the whole divine system and denies even God due to emotion. Emotion kills the analysis and patience will give happiness and permanent solution. Do not take law and order in to your hands. If the court or Government fails in implementing the justice, God will punish even the court and Government because human beings only constitute the court and Government, which can err. All this comes under Pravrutti. If you avoid the hell after death and punishments here by limiting your self to the service of your family and the society, God is pleased with you.

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