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Shankara and His meeting with Chandala


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Shankara and His meeting with Chandala


In the street of Benaras — Shankara saw Me once

Followed by four dogs – He ordered Me to give side.

I asked Him “O king of preachers -- All the bodies are five elements only

Awareness or soul is one in all -- As said by you in your commentary.

Tell Me which shall give you side —The soul or the five elements?”

Then Shanakra was thunderstruck — Fell on My feet totally flat

Praised Me as the only preacher — Know Me as preacher of preachers.

I opened the eye of knowledge — Removed the curtain from Him.

I covered the World Preacher — By My powerful divine illusion.

Know that in this entire creation – None can know Me.


Shankara requested Me then--To preach the spiritual knowledge.

Shankara is the Lord Shiva — I am Shiva, this is My drama.

I composed this divine drama — I am the preacher and the student.

This drama is played by Me in double role – To uplift the souls here.

This is the Gita that transmitted -- From Me, Datta, to Shankara.

The spiritual knowledge given by Me – To Shankara was aimed at

His followers at that time – But let Me reveal the same

Suitable to the present society – The old wine in new bottle!


Brahman is the greatest — Among all objects of a category.

Gita says that Veda is Brahman — Being the greatest among scriptures.

Brahman also means the God — Being greater than any greatest.

Philosophy means using the word Brahman — In the related context.

Among all items of the creation — Soul is greatest due to its knowledge.

Except this once specialty of Knowledge — It is the weakest form of Energy.

As and when you here the word Brahman – It may be for God or Soul.

Decide the meaning based on the context — That is the scholastic talent.

Shastras are the supporting scriptures —They decide the correct context.

If you know the clue of the context — No quarrel in Hindu sub-religions.

Spiritual knowledge is based on Shastras — So state Brahma Sutra and Gita

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