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To uplift the humanity here, God enters any soul of His family


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To uplift the humanity here, God enters any soul of His family


Soul can become God — But effort and God’s grace are needed for this.

By effort you enter God’s family — This is the first essential step.

When God incarnates in human form —To uplift the humanity here,

God enters any soul of His family — The human incarnation results.

By chance you may be that soul — Selected by God for incarnation,

Now you are treated as God — Like the live wire treated as current.

Son of Vasudeva, Vaasudeva — Being a soul is selected to be God.

The live wire is spoken as current — By the scientists of Electricity.

Monism or Advaitia is limited only —To the human incarnation.

Not every soul in this world can be – The human incarnation,

But every soul has equal possibility—To become human incarnation.


Every metallic wire is eligible to be – The live wire, carrying current.

If current realizes that itself is — The current and not the wire,

It is the Advaita of Shankara — Specific to human incarnation only.

Shankara being human incarnation — Spoke this concept about Himself.

Every wire need not be the live wire — Since current is not in every wire.

There is no chance to treat every wire — As the current, similar to live wire.

Even in the live wire, if the current leaves it – It becomes just wire only.


Even the divine body of Vaasudeva (Krishna)was — Cremated by Arjuna at the end.

It is live wire as long as current flows — In the wire and not before or after.

“Soul is God”, the statement of Shankara – Relates to soul charged by God.

God is not power like the current – Current is only a simile to God.

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