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The defects of awareness are several


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The defects of awareness are several


The defects of awareness are several – It is weakest form of energy

Flowing in the tender nerves, – It is discontinuous as living beings,

It is ending in deep sleep every day, – It is daily generated form.

It requires the functioning system – Of brain and various nerves.

It requires inert Energy produced – By oxidation of food taken,

Oxidation requires the oxygen – In functioning respiratory system

Assisting the functioning system – Of digestion of food.

In spite of hundred defects – it is selected by Shankara,

Since it serves the purpose of – Contemporary human incarnation.


This awareness is energy – Energy propagates as waves.

The Shiva Linga represents – The wave form of energy.

Shankara is incarnation of Shiva – Represented by Shiva Linga,

Stands perfectly for Lord Shiva – Introducing awareness-Energy.

The atheists cannot tolerate – The human form even in Energy.

In course of time, theists increased – With decrease in ego and jealousy,

Yet, they cannot tolerate the direct – Human form before their eyes.


Ramanuja and Madhva introduced – Human form in the Energetic form,

But, the form is in upper world – Not before the eyes here.

The result is human Energetic form – Like Narayana, Brahma and Shiva

Existing in the upper worlds only – Never appear before the eyes.

Such Energetic forms cannot be worshipped – Only imagined by mind,

There is no possibility of service – To such imaginary forms.

Statues, representing models came – For easy worship and service.


Ramanuja worshipped statue of Narayana – Direct worship and service

To human form are indicated here – It is only the advanced training.

Madhva worshipped statue of Krishna, – The past human incarnation.

The concept is revealed fully here – That is human incarnation only.

He introduced Hanuman as brother, - Who served human form of God.

Almost the entire concept came out – Except one small single point,


That is revealed now by Datta Swami – The fourth and final preacher.

The only point is that the goal is – The contemporary human incarnation.

Hanuman did not worship Vamana – As the statue as you do now.

He worshipped Rama, His contemporary – Human incarnation only.

Gopikas did not worship statue of Rama – Only Krishna, their contemporary.

Hanuman became God, the creator – Gopikas reached top most Goloka.

Are you greater than Hanuman and Gopikas – To reject your contemporary?

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